Our values and why we get up in the morning...

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Why do we do it?

We passionately believe that a successful business owner needs a solid foundation of “Real Time Financial Information” to enable them to build a better life for themselves and their families. We strive to help our team achieve their full potential and this leads to them striving to do the same for our clients. If our clients achieve their dreams then they will help propel Wood and Disney into becoming the most remarkable accountancy practice in East Anglia.

How do we do it?

We do not believe that a business owner can create a successful business and achieve a better life, if their decision making is based upon historic or out of date financial information. We help them succeed by using award winning cloud accounting systems such as Xero and Quick Books Online to provide them with up to date, reliable information to help them to properly plan for growth and to make better decisions. If they make better decisions they will get better results, which will give them more choices in both their business and personal lives.

What do we do?

Wood and Disney are Real Time Accountants and Business Advisers using cloud accounting as the foundation to build a better life for our clients. 

We decided a few years ago that the accountancy profession had to change. The traditional accountant was a technician, a scientist who followed a tried and tested formula to get a result. But this could be done by technology with "machine operators" to supervise that technology. But if you had a scientist who was also an artist with imagination and creativity then you could have the best of everything. 

We want to be the Leonardo Da Vinci of accountancy and the Van Gogh of tax

That is why we created six simple rules to run our company by:

1. Unless we are remarkable we are invisible.

2. Being professionally qualified is no longer enough.

3. Being technically excellent is no longer enough.

4. It is the way we do business that sets us apart.

5. We want our clients to enjoy their experience with us.

6. We can still have fun while dealing with a serious subject.

We are Real Time Accountants using cloud accounting systems to support our clients throughout their current financial year. We have a very sophisticated system that extracts data out of the most popular cloud book keeping systems such as Xero and QuickBooks Online up to four times every day and pulls it all into a practice dashboard.  By using a traffic light signal system we can monitor every client's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as gross profit, gross profit percentages, debtor days, creditor days and many more useful financial planning tools.  This system genuinely makes us Real Time Accountants rather than just Redundant Historical Accountants who happen to have a few clients using the cloud.

We concern ourselves with your total financial well being. Your security, your peace of mind, your stress reduction are all important to us. To help you manage your business better, to manage your money better, to manage your people better.