Is Your Head in the Cloud? It Should Be!

Let’s be honest; you probably didn’t go into business because of your passion for accounting, (unless you are wood and disney, of course!)

Financial administration and management is one aspect of business that we all want to be as straightforward and simple as possible.

If we were asked to come up with a wish list for an ideal accounting software solution, it might look a bit like this:

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and always available

QuickBooks Connect London 2017

 On 6th and 7th March I will be attending The QuickBooks Connect Conference in London where I am on stage both days for one of the panel discussions. There is a fantastic lineup of speakers including some famous names such as James Caan, Mary Portas and Lord Sugar. The first day is for accountants only but the second day is for business owners and you should consider coming along.

A full on day commencing with the keynote speakers and then 3 potential workshops on a wide variety of subjects.

The Agenda for the business owners’ day on 7th March is as follows:

8.30-9.30am    Registration, Breakfast and Networking

Information Security: The Human Element


We know that firewalls, anti-virus software, and two step-authentication help protect us against cyber breaches and attacks, but when it comes to information security, could you and your employees be your weakest link?

Social engineering doesn’t rely on computer code or sophisticated knowledge of technology. Although it can be used alongside these types of attacks, social engineering is a method of psychologically manipulating others to perform tasks or divulge information.

We all like to think we couldn’t be tricked or deceived in such a way, but these attempts are often effective because they are plausible and believable.

When is “traditional” a bad thing?

 There are far too many choices in our lives…

Too many brands of soft drinks to choose from.

Too many types of washing powder.

Too many types of mobile phone.

As a result we resort to tradition, which means we revert to doing what we have always done because it is easier and more importantly it feels safer. But should we really be buying products or services on the basis of “better the devil you know”?

Making Tax Digital to start in April 2018…

 Well this is unexpected….

Given the resistance from the accountancy profession I had come to the conclusion that MTD would be delayed for at least a year and possibly two. Not that it would have made much difference to us as we had already made the commitment to move all of our clients onto cloud accounting anyway but MTD was a big reason why clients should move as soon as possible.

So HMRC have decided to push ahead with their plans despite the opposition but there are a few concessions although still not sure what their real impact will be.