Doesn’t it make sense to bring in a Doctor before someone else brings in an Undertaker?

expert image Although there appears to be no shortage of great business books and even free business advice, small businesses are continuing to struggle with below average profits leading to cash flow difficulties. They are not bad businesses and they will not necessarily fail, but the sad truth is too many will. During economic prosperity they claw themselves from month to month just making enough profit to pay their way but seldom being able to stash away surplus profit or reduce an overdraft which has become hard-core borrowing. It only needs one poor month to cause everything to come crashing around their ears.

Show me the money!

You've probably heard the saying "Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cashflow is reality".

If this is true then surely a focus on collecting the cash owed from the people you have supplied services or goods to is on the top of your to do list? If not it really should be.

Making Tax Digital - More Questions Than Answers?

December 2017

With the postponement of the original Making Tax Digital (MTD) deadline, the focus switches in the short term to digital VAT filing. The MTD delays were announced by HMRC as being due to “listening” to the concerns of the professional accounting and tax bodies that the original proposals were far too ambitious and unachievable.

Could you be missing out on a tax saving opportunity?

R&D (Research & Development) Tax Credits can be a real benefit for qualifying companies. First introduced by the Government in 2000, they have provided over £6 billion to UK companies in the form of reductions to Corporation Tax payments. However, the take-up remains low as many companies do not know they are eligible for the scheme.

The General Data Protection Regulation – New requirements for all businesses!

European data protection laws are changing and come into force 25 May 2018. These new laws will affect all businesses in the UK and the current Data Protection Act (DPA) will be updated to reflect the GDPR obligations.