What is a Real Time Accountant?

HeroTraditionally accountants have worked on their clients’ accounts several months in arrears preventing any form of planning and sensible decision making because the numbers are so out of date.

But we have access to our clients’ data in real time, made possible by using cloud accounting technology, so we can give them timely support based upon accurate information.

Let’s compare the Redundant Historical Accountant and the Real Time Accountant.

Redundant Historical Accountant

tickOffers advice AFTER the event
tickFocused on processing history 
tickCompliance with Regulation
tickWaiting for things to happen
Unknown pricing in arrears 
Seldom visits clients 
tickSlow to follow up
tickUsing old or no technology 

Real Time Accountant

tickOffers advice before it happens
tickFocused on adding value to client
tickBusiness Advice to create success
tickForecasting what will happen
tickFixed pricing upfront
tickSees opportunities for more visits
tickHas systems to ensure follow up
tickUsing cloud technologies

So which accountant would you prefer to have looking after you and your business?