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page2 5The Directors of wood & disney Ltd are committed to providing and maintaining the highest levels of service to their clients, both existing and new. However, under current regulations, the firm is not authorised to offer advice with regard to certain investment business. The Directors feel this is unsatisfactory and we strongly believe that we should be able to offer our clients the opportunity to access fully independent financial advice of a high quality.

To remedy this, WD Financial Planning Ltd has been set up with the specific purpose of providing clients of wood & disney Ltd with high quality independent financial advice.

WD Financial Planning Ltd is a joint venture with Sigma Asset Management Limited ("Sigma") which is an established independent financial adviser company regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

WD Financial Planning Ltd is an appointed representative of Sigma.

WD Financial Planning Ltd are fiercely independent financial advisers, who offer experienced help and advice on a wide range of financial matters from fully qualified advisers.

In today's complex and fast moving world, most people struggle to achieve all that they would wish to. WD Financial Planning Ltd can show you how to achieve more by helping you to manage your finances.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please call WD Financial Planning Ltd on 01206 233173 to arrange a free initial meeting with one of their advisers and with no obligation.

Please just note that, under these arrangements, for all purposes including the Financial Conduct Authority, you would be treated as a client of WD Financial Planning Ltd and accordingly, not as a client of wood & disney Ltd in relation to any advice which WD Financial Planning Ltd may give to you. We would also explain that the directors of wood & disney Ltd will not receive any introductory commission from WD Financial Planning Ltd but will share in the profits of the Company.

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