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The wood and disney App is a phenomenon in accountancy, achieving the impossible feat of being an accountant that people just love having around.  Whereas most are avoided like the plague, our Pocket Accountant colleague is regularly welcomed with open arms, which  I suppose isn’t surprising when you consider the wealth of information he makes available at your fingertips and it’s free of charge!  He collects tax information for you, stores it up and lets you access it when you need to, and not just between 9 and 5.

Quiet and well behaved, the Pocket Accountant (PA) lives quite happily in your mobile phone.  He asks for very little, only to be occasionally charged (rather than the other way round) and for you to feed him information at your own convenience. He isn’t pushy, just available when you need him, storing mileage calculations and letting you know the latest price of Gold.

The Pocket Accountant (PA) in his wood and disney App office is our secret weapon. He allows us to help you 24/7, for those occasions when we can’t be there to speak to you on the phone or see you in our office. He can help you understand why we are different and even introduce you to the team here in our main office.  You will have direct access to our Blog too, giving you unprecedented insight into the goings on at wood and disney HQ and the exciting world of accountancy! 

Of course it isn’t all about us, as PA can also help you keep things simple, offering useful calculators for working out interest, tax tables that keep you on top of allowances and key dates that might not have made it in to your diary. 

If that wasn’t enough, then why not ask PA to help you keep track of your books as a receipt manager too, or store income info on the go. If you pride yourself as someone who knows their news (or would like to be) then cheat by having live share and fund prices, as well as up to date business news just a click away. 

He really is an incredibly useful chap, isn’t he? So if you are looking for a Pocket Accountant to help make your life a little easier, download the wood and disney App today. He works for FREE and is always available. What more could you want?

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