2020internationalWe look after the UK subsidiaries of overseas companies.

The UK has a very competitive tax regime which is attractive to overseas holding companies.

The UK Government is keen to be seen as a gateway to Europe and has been actively reducing the administrative burden of trading in the UK including raising the turnover (sales) threshold before a statutory audit is required to £10.5 million.

A limited liability company (Ltd) is often the best way to trade in the UK and offers your holding company the protection of limited liability should the UK company face any legal claims. Although filings have to be made annually with Companies House the information which is in the public domain is not extensive especially if your subsidiary is deemed to be a small company.

We can set up your UK limited company quickly and easily. We can introduce you to local bankers, insurance brokers and lawyers. We can register you with HM Revenue and Customs.

Using one of our cloud based accounting solutions we can give you ongoing access to your subsidiary’s daily transaction so you can monitor and control it from your home. (Link to Cloud Book Keeping page)

We can liaise with your own accountants to ensure that they know what is going on with your overseas subsidiary.

In fact, because we are not associated with an international firm of accountants, we believe your own local accountant will prefer to deal with us.