Human Resources (HR)...

disney employeeDon’t you just hate the term “Human Resources”? It makes your team seem like just a product you use with no emotion and no compassion. In most small businesses your staff are like family and you feel highly protective towards them. However you still need to comply with the law for both your own and your staffs’ sake. As soon as you take on your first employee you need strategic HR advice and support. By partnering with our HR professionals we can help you:

tickSave money in complying with employment law.
tickDevelop policies and procedures which will help to reduce and manage future disputes and grievances.
tickDevelop and carry out successful performance appraisals.
tickAssist you with recruitment.
tickGain the best from your team.

We can help you with one off consultancies or with a retained service for ongoing support.

If you wish to attract, motivate and retain your staff you need to have a HR strategic partner.

If you believe that your employees are the key to your business success then you need to take HR seriously.