You are an existing cloud accounting user…

page3 1You can already appreciate the huge potential benefits of using a cloud accounting system but perhaps you are still not getting the most from that system that you had hoped.

Perhaps your accountant is not an expert in the software you have chosen. We have partnered with the four leading cloud accounting systems in the UK and all of our accounting staff are certified with these systems.

Perhaps your accountant continues to treat the reports from your system as historic information to just prepare annual accounts. wood and disney are using their cloud accounting expertise to be Real Time Accountants and Business Advisers and not Redundant Historical Accountants.


Would you like to know the difference between a Redundant Historical Accountant and a Real Time Accountant?

We have chosen to work with the 4 main cloud based accounting systems being:

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But cloud based accounting is an evolving market place and we will happily work with any cloud based software so if you are currently using another package please give us a call. Our knowledge of numerous accounting software packages gives us the flexibility to help businesses who use some of the less well known products. And we are not just saying this. The four business awards won by wood and disney have all been for Innovation and Technology with the latest being a UK award on 15th October 2015 at the 2020 Group of Accountants national conference at the NEC. We won the award for "Most Innovative 2-4 Partner Firm 2015". We are very proud of this achievement.