page25wood and disney acts for dozens of what use to be termed professional service firms. These are businesses which are people dependent and sell time. Many of these are “experts” who are selling advisory and consultancy services to a whole range of both business and individual clients. Their clients are becoming ever more demanding in their pursuit of value for money and competition is fierce. Many of these advisers and consultants are now working from home offices using outsourced “virtual” support staff to help them deliver their services.

We understand the challenges facing this professional service sector and by offering our online book keeping packages are part of their “virtual” support staff offering tailored solutions to their business problems.

Our clients cover most of the range of advisers and consultants including business advisers, business coaches, surveyors, estate agents, architects, letting agents, IFAs, Insurance Brokers, HR Consultants, Physiotherapists, recruitment agencies, contractors and specialists in all manner of diverse industries.

These experts are also our partners if other clients have need of particular advice and support which we cannot handle in-house.