Business coaching and profit advice...

page2 2Peter Disney had always had an interest in what makes a successful business and in 1992 had bought in a Management Consulting tool from the USA and trialed it on a client. He decided that he could create something better and so developed 'Question Master', on the basis that there are no great answers but there are many great questions which really make a business owner think about their business. Over 1000 questions divided into 14 modules so that they could be used one at a time cost effectively for small businesses.

As a result of his work with Question Master he was invited in 1997 by Mark Lloydbottom of Practice Track to join him and a few other accountants in visiting the Institute of Profitability Advisors in Chicago. When they returned the four main firms including wood & disney formed the Association of Profit Advisers in the UK.

Between 1998 and 2002 Peter created an Online Business Advisory Website called Plus4Business. He went on to develop his own Recession Busting Program in 2008.