Auto enrolment...

page2 2Are you worried about how Auto Enrolment effects you?

* Do you know your staging date and what duties apply to your company?

* What are your main concerns with respect to Auto Enrolment?

* Have you worked out how to run the required data through your payroll in the most cost effective and efficient way?

We will also be able to assist you with payroll if this is of concern to you because we have substantial experience dealing with payroll and auto enrolment. We can provide a quote to take over the running of the payroll and in addition, based on past experience, we can share useful day to day hints and tips that will help keep your auto enrolment "housekeeping" duties in order.

If you have already started work on your auto enrolment project you might have spotted that there are 33 key employer tasks as determined by The Pension Regulator. (TPR). TPR has also laid out nearly 600 pages of detailed guidance and so it is important that you do understand the 33 compulsory employer duties. A summary of the 33 tasks is available on request.

* We also have access to an Auto Enrolment specialist firm who have operated advising some of the largest clients from the very beginning of Auto Enrolment in 2012.

* In addition, due to relationship with wood & disney, we have secured highly competitive rates that will save you money if you decide to utilise their services.

* AE Simplicity will conduct a telephone meeting with you to establish your circumstances and explain your choices which will provide you with clarity with respect to your specific auto enrolment duties. Due to our relationship with AE Simplicity this part of the service is free to you

They will then be able to offer you detailed information and guidance that is designed to help you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the various additional pension scheme options that are open to you and therefore be potentially suitable to your business needs. This process is designed to make sure you get the best overall outcome and the right cost.

We have had sight of the typical costs in the market and we have negotiated a discounted rate for our clients and what we believe is low cost but quality service.

The additional services are briefly described below:

1) Can you be exempt from AE?

As an employer/director you will need to take action and to complete a process for the Pensions Regulator. We or AE Simplicity can do this for you.

2) Do you always need a Qualifying Pension Scheme?

No, as long as you meet certain criteria but again as the employer you will still need to complete a process for TPR and register a Declaration of Compliance. Again AE Simplicity can do this for you.

3) How much are the pension contributions going to cost my business?

There are different methods of pensionable pay an employer can choose from to establish a qualifying pension scheme and each method has its own cost & administration implications. AE Simplicity can calculate via their Analysis Service to help you decide which method of pensionable salary is appropriate to your business

4) An information and guidance service.

For those employers who want to try or feel confident that they can do AE themselves. This service will help you understand the jargon in plain English and give you a route map that you can pursue with your chosen pension provider.

5) Complete Service-everything is done for you.

This is a one and done transactional service which will implement an appropriate pension qualifying work place scheme for you and ensure it is compatible with your payroll, this "tried and tested" approach will alleviate the administration burden from you.

6) Staff presentations.

If you want to inform and educate your workforce then a staff presentation can be arranged. If you would like to discuss please get in touch by emailing laura on or email Martin on Visit