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wood & disney Ltd decided a few years ago that remaining a registered auditor while the Government increased the turnover threshold so significantly, no longer made sense as so few of our clients were large enough to require a statutory audit.

We do however have relationships with registered auditors thereby giving our clients access to additional unbiased independent and objective support.  We strongly believe that by separating the statutory audit function away from our day to day advice and support we can better serve the interests of our clients.

By no longer being burdened by the form filling and restriction of the audit process we can take the opportunity to conduct a thorough review of your financial and management systems. This can often result in our identifying potential problem areas and recommending opportunities to improve your business performance. We discuss the problems and opportunities with you and help you implement any agreed solutions.

We would continue to prepare your statutory accounts on your behalf and prepare your tax computations which would then be passed to your auditors for further review. We see the preparation of your annual report as an opportunity to enhance your external image. A wellprepared report can have a considerable positive impact on the perceptions of investors, potential finance sources, customers, prospects, referral sources, and even your own staff - all of which greatly improves your business for the future.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.