David Rudd

Senior Client Manager and Business Growth Accountant

Hi, David Rudd here.

I specialise in helping HR consultants grow their businesses and work with them to achieve freedom.

Whilst I have been the traditional accountant for 15 years, the recent changes to technology and tax law now gives me the ability to work more closely with businesses in the HR consultancy sector to accelerate growth without impacting the amount of time they work in their business.

I understand that sometimes you feel stuck and worried about where to start.

We have a proven approach which enables you to gain freedom.

Your three top problems are;

1. You don’t understand your key numbers
2. Using outdated pricing methods
3. Working with clients who merely see you as a cost

The solution to these are;

1. Use someone who can translate your key numbers into useable targets
2. Understand and appreciate your true value provided
3. Establish your ideal client avatar and just target that type of client

I work with HR Consultants who are willing to take action on a regular basis to create a better business.

So, what’s next?

In my spare time I can be found engaging in all manner of exciting activities such as jet setting to the local amenities (visiting Colchester Zoo with the kids) and generally living a playboy lifestyle (cleaning up after the kids).

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